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Overnight discovery trip, Long Night of Science

on 5 June 2010, 5.00 pm to 1.00 am

In 2010 the University of Potsdam, like many other academic institutions in Potsdam and Berlin, will once again be hosting events during the Long Night of Science. Get ready for 5 June. From 5.00 pm to 1.00 am the Golm Campus will once again be transformed into the great mile of knowledge. Preparations for this have run at full speed. The university’s partners this year include the Fraunhofer Institutes for Applied Polymer Research IAP and Biomedical Technology IBMT, which will be presenting their own projects. Colleagues from the University of Potsdam will also be bringing a wealth of ideas to the programme, which ranges from lectures, presentations, exhibitions of musical acts, performances, readings to live music and theatre. The aim is to offer visitors on this “Cleverest Night of the Year” an insight into how the university works from as many different angles as possible. On 5 June, the aim is to introduce guests of all ages to the broad spectrum of academic institutions based on the Science Park. The event is aimed especially at families, which is why there are also special events for children.

In June 2009 the University of Potsdam took part in the Long Night of Science for the first time, and the result was a great success. Four thousand visitors came to Potsdam-Golm last year.

The events at the University of Potsdam on 5 June 2010 can be viewed on our website from May. launch the website