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Marketing Strategies for Startups

Know your customers and launch your product on the market

Marketing & PR are highly relevant for company founders. Although they are not a substitute for a great product, they help to make the company known to the public - by showing what makes the start-up so special.

In the workshop "Marketing strategies for start-ups - How do I place my product in the market?", the basics of communication will be conveyed and practiced in joint dialogue and practical applications. What exactly does PR mean? What is the difference to marketing? Why is the message so important for product placement? How do I find topics and write interesting texts for the target groups? Can everyone really tell a story?

Finally, examples of websites will be examined in more detail. The website is the digital signboard of every start-up. The workshop will be concluded with a practical overview of communication trends, case studies and do's and don'ts in PR and marketing.

Trainer: Susanne Ardisson, Kommunikationsberatung
Venue: GO:IN, Am Mühlenberg 11, 14476 Potsdam, seminar room
When does it start? Our workshops start at 9.15 c.t.
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