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Pitch Training for Scientists

Present complex issues to everyone

Your research topic seems too difficult to communicate to laypersons? Presenting in front of an audience gives you stage-fright? Or you simply want to improve your skills in how to communicate your research topic to a broader public? Then this workshop is for you! We strive to enable you to present your research topic in a variety of academic and non-academic situations and let you practice your presentation skills, with the opportunity for feedback from the trainer and your peers. It gives you opportunities to try out some „golden rules“ for effective communication, get to know the “pitch toolbox” and develop your own solutions.

Trainer: Nadine Lux, sciencehoch3 Wissenschaftskommunikation
Venue: GO:IN, Am Mühlenberg 11, 14476 Potsdam, seminar room
When does it start? Our workshops start at 9.15 c.t.
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We will offer all workshops again in autumn 2019. Keep updated on our website.
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